Imagine a world where we take care of our environment while selectively harvesting plants for our health, and where the cures come from naturally occurring bioactive compounds

What is Nova Plantum?

  • We are a technology and knowledge driven company, located in Middle Georgia, in the heart of the rural agricultural region.

  • The company is managed by 4 visionaries, from diverse backgrounds, spearheading this 21st century company.

  • Our aim is to create solutions, fusing traditional knowledge with modern technology, resulting in synergistic products enhancing human and animal health, with minimal negative impact on the environment.

What We Do

  • We grow, harvest, manufacture, and distribute products which are healthy for you, without damaging the environment, and with a very small carbon footprint.

  • Using innovative biotechnological tools, we undertake mass production of medicinal plant.

  • The medicinal plants are selected for their desirable traits and are mass propagated in a state-of-the-art center using tissue culture technology

  • As part of our full service offerings, we also supply raw medicinal plant material.

  • We have a vibrant research division with state of the art facilities based in Georgia and Michigan.

  • We also provide consulting services on sustainable production and utilization of select medicinal and bio-energy plants.

Research & Development

Expertise includes:

  • Plant tissue culture

  • Bioenergy crop and biomass production

  • Animal cell culture

  • In-vitro and In-vivo models for drug screening

  • Clinical efficacy testing and monitoring

  • Many of our research is already published in peer-reviewed scientific journals

Products & Services

  • Using Tissue Culture, we mass propagate the desired plants, which are delivered in sterile, soil-free condition to any location around the world

  • Using our expert horticulturists, we can assist in large scale preparation, planting, and maintenance of these plants

  • We provide contract biomass production of medicinal plants

  • We provide expedient drug screening using in-vitro 3-D and in-vivo zebra fish & rodent models